I need to cut my bangs a bit, I miss my 5 years old silly girl look.

mustaches > long beards




What if you were dating a moth prince and living in his kingdom and he knew how out of place you felt so he made you dozens of silk dresses and blankets and gave you lots of fuzzy shawls and scarves so you wouldn’t stand out so much and always said you were so beautiful you were glowing and occasionally bump right into your face because it was a little joke and he would pretend you were a light bulb and give you tiny kisses

you people are so fucking weird

"No one knows me or loves me completely. I have only myself."
Simone de Beauvoir  (via shigaretto)
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Can I buy you a gift?

Hahaha why?

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When do you turn 20?

4th October 🍂🍁🌰


Neil Barrett SS15
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i think one of the hardest things in life is trying to get comfortable in bed when you have boobs

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I have food poisoning but yes for pizza ❤️🍕

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Awww ❤️